Event Highlights

In the average minute, over 5.6 million viewers were watching the 2016 ESPYS on TV or through WatchESPN.

The ESPYS on WatchESPN had an average minute audience of 26K, +56% YOY.

101K live unique viewers.


4.9 million live
minutes viewed.


Time spent per viewer, 48 minutes.


Social Media Highlights


Social posts around ESPYS content drove over 4MM views back to ESPN.com's video player around ESPYS content during the live show.
  • Letters to Peyton bit was top performing video with more than 850K views.

Over 674K tweets were sent around The ESPYS, making the broadcast the most tweeted about of the week.
  • The 674K tweets sent around The ESPYS beat the highest sports broadcast of the week, the MLB All-Star game, by more than 300K tweets.
  • An additional 46.7K tweets were sent during the day of show with #SagerStrong.
  • Tweets from @ESPYS generated 17.9MM impressions on day of show, a 10% increase YOY.
  • 100 posts were sent from @ESPN’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on day of show resulting in more than 99MM impressions on their Facebook and Twitter platforms.
  • The ESPYS received additional support from @SportsCenter, @GMA, @ABC and many other athletes, teams and leagues to help make #ESPYS the top social trend in the world.

Secured a Snapchat Live Story around the ESPYS which reached 12.9MM unique viewers worldwide and garnered more than 245MM snap views.
Used original executions to generate votes, revenue and exposure to the broadcast.
  • Partnered with Twitter to generate more than 600K total votes from 4 categories (Best Male, Best Female, Best Breakthrough and Best Championship Performance).
  • Chance the Rapper's performance was live streamed on Facebook.
  • Original content around the Host, John Cena, and Best Game nominee, Tyrann Mathieu, were created to build anticipation for the broadcast.
  • Mobile push notifications were sent to 7MM users with the WatchESPN link.

Digital Video

ESPN Social platforms shared 32 ESPYS related videos which generated 4,001,915 video views back to ESPN.com's video player during the day of show.
  • 802K (20%) of video views back to ESPN.com were referred directly from Twitter and/or Facebook.

Letters to Peyton bit was top performing video with 858K views, 233K were referred by Facebook.
Pre-produced content, generated 1.1MM views accounting for 27% of the total video views.
Top 10 Digital VideosTotal ViewsTwitter ReferralsFacebook Referrals
Letter From Peyton858,22517,860223,904
Steph Curry Red Carpet Interview422,9813788,232
NBA stars call for end of violence404,34289,20935,960
Cavs honored with Best Team ESPY257,29732729,592
Cena roasts the sports world at ESPYS252,2564,24997,354
Sager: 'One day soon we'll wipe out cancer'233,85936,9996,790
Peyton's Icon Award: Excited to get back to being a fan179,0893216,576
New: NBA Stars call for an end to violence155,21528915,535
Zaevion Dobson commits the ultimate act of courage, heroism146,2947,9937,534
Sager: I will never give up, I will never give in133,1222231,231


Key Metrics:
  • Over 674K tweets were sent around the ESPYS making #ESPYS the Number 1 Worldwide trend.
  • An additional 46.7K tweets were sent using #SagerStrong during the broadcast.
  • Twitter voting cards for four categories generated over 600K votes accounting for 5% of the 13.1MM total votes.
  • There were multiple Twitter Moments around the show including: Athletes on the red carpet, NBA stars call for end to violence, Zaevion Dobson, Craig Sager's message of hope and all the winners.

@ESPYS sent 90 tweets on day of show generating more than 17.9MM impressions.
  • The 17.9MM impressions resulted in a 10% increase in reach from 2015.
  • Tweet from NBA stars calling for stop to violence was top performing post of the night.
  • Saw an RT average of 679 per post on the day of the show.
  • @ESPYS account saw a 15% increase in followers to 115K.
  • Rolled out Twitter Cam to capture interactive GIFS before and after the show.

@ESPN sent 35 tweets on day of show generating more than 31.5MM impressions.
  • These tweets had an RT average of 1.7K per post.
  • Zaevion Dobson's nomination package for the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage was the top post of the night with over 11K RTs.


Key Metrics: Shared 41 posts around ESPYS on the day of the show reaching more than 81MM timelines.


Key Metrics: From July 1st - July 25th, @ESPN garnered more than 58K actions per post (likes and comments).
  • 24 posts were sent out from @ESPN on the day of the show.
  • Original video posts averaged 327K views per post from @ESPN.
  • Original photo post averaged 76K actions per post from @ESPN.
  • Craig Sager's speech was the top performing post with 127K actions, 118% above total average.


Second consecutive year for an ESPYS Live Story.
Starz owned the 7/13 ESPYS Live Story, which was opened by 12.9MM global users (7.5% increase YOY) generating more than 245MM Snap views.
Overall, there were 67 videos and photos creating a 385 second Live Story which saw a 15% view through rate.
  • The average user watched the Live Story for 58.9 seconds.

ESPN & SnapChat created custom filters including Craig Sager cam and ballots.
The day after The ESPYS, ESPN Discover featured ESPYS winners and the best moments from The 2016 ESPYS.


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